“Great things are never done by one person.
They’re done by a team of people.”  ..and dogs
Steve Jobs

“Great things are never done by one person.
They’re done by a team of people.” ..and dogs
Steve Jobs

Brux raw dog food founder Paula Kink posing with her Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Bruno

Paula & Bruno

I discovered the raw food world around 2013 when my pomeranian Flint was diagnosed with alopecia-X. I was searching for different remedies to help his skin and coat condition, and found an article about raw feeding. Back then, there were no balanced raw mixes available in Estonia and I started reading up on raw dog food online. I tried making his raw mixes by myself and fed raw for a while, but lost the enthusiasm as I was afraid that I was not balancing his meals properly and went back to feeding kibble.
I got back into the raw world around 2018, after getting my nova scotia retriever Bruno, who is the pickiest eater on this planet earth. I tried every kibble available, but nothing worked for him. Until I remembered to look up raw feeding again, and to my surprise I found a couple of stores that sold balanced raw mixes for dogs. Since then, he has been fed raw and we’ve never looked back.

I am an entrepreneur at heart and I’ve always wanted to do something special in the pet industry. As many things fell into place at the right time – me and Katrin decided to found our own raw food company, that we had been dreaming about for years. BRUX. Named after the most special dog I’ve ever met, Bruno. For me, the aim for BRUX is to make raw available and affordable enough, to appeal to a bigger audience of dog people. The way dogs eat, determine so much of their life and health. Hence, educating and inspiring dog owners around the world to feed raw is BRUX’s sole mission.

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Katrin & Orri

My journey with the world of raw feeding started back in 2016. I started to look for new products for my store MyPet and stumbled upon a company that had packed and balanced raw dog food. Around that time, there were no balanced raw mixes available in Estonia and most of the pet owners, including myself, were feeding their dogs with kibble. Orri did occasionally get fresh meat in addition to his kibble, but that was about it. The more I looked into the world of raw dog food, the more it appealed to me. Today, MyPet has the biggest selection of raw food in Estonia. In addition, I have managed to gather a team of people, who strongly believe that feeding your pet raw food is the best. My dog Orri, is a feisty 15-year-old gentleman, and his diet has been 100% raw for half of his life. I am convinced that he is in such good health all thanks to being fed proper balanced raw food.

I have been in the world of raw feeding for over 7 years now and it’s been a dream for a while now, to create my own raw dog food brand. At some point, we started talking with Paula about it.. and look where it got us! Thanks to the amazing quality and price comparison, we hope to reach a wider audience of dog people with BRUX. As I have a great experience in the pet world, as a store owner and after going through additional seminars and trainings, I am excited to share all the knowledge I have regarding raw feeding.
 And why BRUX? Because Orri already has his MyPet.