A blue australian cattledog with BRUX raw dog food bowl

Why should I feed my dog raw food?

A balanced raw diet with quality meat is what your dog’s body is made for. In addition to a lot of different health benefits, feeding raw also guarantees the element of mealtime excitement.

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Dogmom with her pomeranian puppy holding BRUX raw dog food in her hand

How to feed raw? + transition from kibble

The key to transitioning to raw dog food is understanding how food interacts with their digestive system. The main thing to remember is that transitioning from kibble should be gradual to not compromise their GI tract.

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Raw dog food mix of turkey and lamb from BRUX

Feeding calculator

Not sure what is your dog’s daily amount of raw food they should consume? Puppies vs adults, do they eat the same amount of food? Don’t worry. It’s not that complicated and we’re here to help you.

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